Refrigerators for beer, Premix, Postmix, Refrigerated counters, Fountains  for water cooling

Wide range of refrigerators

During their decades long history, Berbex has shown a continued investment of resources and energy into the optimization of production standards in the field of bar taps. Their accumulated experience and expertise have made it possible to create a truly comprehensive range of machinery and equipment of fully automated operation, including:

  • - dry and liquid postmix refrigerators;
  • - dry and liquid premix refrigerators;
  • - refrigerator for recirculation of cold water;
  • - carbonators for water;
  • - refrigerators for kegs;
  • - refrigerated counters for kegs.

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Customized installations

Berbex is able to meet every type of customer need and request, designing and manufacturing “custom tailored” equipment. The company’s highly experienced technical staff demonstrate a strong level of expertise, creating products on the basis of specific functional requirements, dimensions and operational needs.

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Product catalog

The company catalog includes more than 60 products designed for professional and private use. The production system is fully computerized to ensure customers always receive the best in quality, reliable delivery and optimal practices.

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leader in refrigeration equipment for Beer, Water and Wine

Berbex is an entrepreneurial manufacturing business that has operated successfully since 1989 in Italy and abroad in the production of bar taps and related equipment. The company is currently headed by Ms. Buric, the wife of the historical founder.